Japanese Car
Japanese Car

Catalyzer / メタル触媒
Catalyzer / メタル触媒


  1. ■全域全開  ハイブリッドエキゾーストシステム


    DOMESTIC CARシリーズでは、これまでのZ33・Z34・R35 GTRの性能はそのままに、30dBを自在に操り、弾ける高音と静寂性を可能とする可変バルブアクチュエーターエキゾーストマフラー機構を採用。これはZ33・Z34・R35 GTRのエキゾースト排気経路を二通り設け、可変バルブを設置することで、排気割合を自在に変更できるというものです。これにより、Z33・Z34・R35 GTRのエキゾーストマフラー音質と音量を劇的に変化させることができ、さらに車内からでもリモコンで操作が可能という優れものです。

    IMPORT CARシリーズではフェラーリ・ランボルギーニのオーナー様からの熱い要望が開発の始まりでした。フェラーリ・ランボルギーニ共にテストを積み重ね、あらゆる面でご満足いただけるエキゾーストマフラーを商品化したものです。

    OTHER EXHAUSTでは、Z33・Z34・R35 GTRの他AE86など各専用車種のエキゾーストマフラー、マニホールドのラインナップを紹介しています。


  1. ■Fully Open Full Range HYBRID EXHAUST SYSTEM

    Designed like a fine wind instrument, the POWER CRAFT HYBRID EXHAUST SYSTEM increases power, creates a super-high frequency sound and uses a high specification after-muffler which is simply astounding.

    Power Craft has pushed the realms of possibility with our proprietary know how to give you greater exhaust efficiency and excellent response in the higher RPM range.
    Our Import Car Series was developed to answer to the impassioned demands of car owners, after extensive testing and development, we have created a product that will satisfy your every desire.
    We are confident that any owner of our product will tell you the same.
    Take a look at our impressive line up designed with ‘cutting edge’ technology that will satisfy your every need.
    Our Japanese domestic series adds on to what has been available until now, our unique actuator system that allows everything from silence to a roaring 30dB high-end sound. We allow you to freely alter the exhaust ratio using a two-fold exhaust system with a variable valve design. Using this system, it is possible to dramatically adjust the quality and volume of your exhaust note , from the inside your car with a remote control!

    In OTHER EXHAUST we introduce you to our line up of specifically designed exhaust mufflers and manifolds for every other specialized vehicle application.