■Development Concept

Power Craft's purpose in creating new products is to bridge the gap between great sound and greater performance.

When one focuses only on performance, then volume becomes a concern, however there is a limit to how far one can increase performance without increasing volume.
Sound quality is greatly affected by many things; pipe size and layout, or silencer design.

While you increase power, you might be left with an disagreeable sound that leaves something to be desired, sometimes you want to be there quietly , sometimes you want to be noticed, sometimes you just want to feel the power...

The simple solution is Hybrid Exhaust System. by Power Craft

With the completion of our newly designed exhaust system, for the all time, selectivity of driving is available to all levels of drivers.

■ What is the Hybrid Exhaust System?

A vacuum pressure valve turns on the mechanism of exhaust silencer valve. With just the ‘flick of a switch’ the driver can select the driving style he wants to enjoy.

‘Silent mode’ allows you the driver to enjoy a smooth driving experience comparable to a factory production exhaust system.

‘Exciting mode’ allows you the driver , to enjoy high speed driving sensation, circuit and racing performance when you need to ‘feel the power’ flick the switch and change the sound to equal that of some tuned race super sports car.

Our Hybrid Exhaust System allows you to control sound quality, and to access engineering developed tuned volume and performance, while giving you the versatility to fit into any scene, from the street to the circuit track.